When we talk about our recruitment activities, we usually talk about RPO, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, since we are a recruitment company, not a recruitment agency.

We like to discuss how we could be of help.

We usually come to tailor made recruitment solutions that meet your requirements.



Sourcing in recruitment is about finding the right people for the open job + find a way to connect with them 1-on-1.

Once you connect with the people you have found, recruitment starts. Sourcing services the recruitment activities, we see this as the extra channel in the recruitment marketing mix.

Nowadays, finding the right people is a very online oriented task, imagine around 50% of human being leaves a digital footprint. Therefore we use all useful online tools and even more brainpower and creativity to catch whoever is out there matching the job profile.

Sourcing only seems easy…

We deliver sourcing capacity all over the world.
We offer this service on site or remote.

We source people for a.o. the following roles:
Technical profiles
HR profiles
Financial profiles
IT profiles
Sales & Marketing profiles
CxO profiles

Since we like to be transparent in our processes, we use the software to track and share our findings with you. Check out what we can do for you

Man looking at research


YES! We train Recruiters to become sourcers, we train Sales people to find their leads and we train Sourcers to become better Sourcers.

We train everywhere in the world, we provide incompany training and open training.

We love the class to be up to 12 people.

The topics we cover in our training portfolio are a.o.
Personal Branding
Interview Techniques
In fact we cover all topics where Recruitment and the Internet are involved.

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